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GoldED — the popular editor of messages for Fidonet and compatible networks. Has been written by Odinnom Syorensenom (dates. Odinn Sørensen) and Dirkom Müller (Dirk A. Mueller) also it was spread on conditions shareware. The last version created by them was issued for five platforms (DOS16, DOS32, OS/2, Win32, Linux).

In 1998 Syorensen has published source code GoldED and Goldware Utilities versions 3.0.x and not gathering incomplete version 4.x under license GNU General Public License of version 2; libraries Goldware Library — under GNU Library General Public License versions 2. Resolution on configuration of all this software with programs and the libraries falling under determination Open Source has been in addition given.

Code CXL, one of the libraries used in GoldED and GoldED +, has been licensed by Odinnom at the author. Since then control over it was received by the company «Innovative Data Concepts» which by 1998, on suspicion of author GoldED, has disappeared. [2] usage of residuals of this code has served one of the reasons for packet removal goldedplus from Debian in 2006, in addition to presence уязвимостей in output agent UUE after servicing a packet has refused its support.

Development GoldED has been stopped by 1999 and in the middle of 1999 Syorensen has abandoned Fidonet, having published the initial texts GoldED 3.0.1

GoldEd +

After a failure of Syorensena from project development, development of the editor has been continued by Alexander S.Aganichevym (ASA) under a title «GoldED-asa» which took the initial texts of the program published by Syorensenom. When to version GoldED-asa10 beta 3 names of files with version instructions have ceased to be located in restriction MS-DOS «8.3», the project has been renamed in «Golded +», and the upcoming version was Golded + 1.1.0. Golded + became really multiplatform editor, operations on it портированию on bigendian-processors are conducted.

By 2007 GoldED + almost has completely forced out old GoldED.

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