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Меню "О Golded+"

Alexander S. Aganichev wrote:
The project was started in small town near Moscow, Russia. At this time I could not recall exact date of the first patch I've made. The only thing I could recall is that everything began from fixing annoyable bug which causes impossibility of displaying stylecodes by settings in config. This patch was rejected by official maintainers though some other patches were accepted.
In the middle of 1999 all maintainers of official GoldED left Fidonet and almost lost interest to that project. Version names of GoldED-asa became too long and not fit to MSDOS 8+3 format. I've asked Odinn about donating a 3.1.x version numbers to me but he just ignored my letter. The final version of GoldED-asa was GoldED-asa10 beta 3. After that project was renamed to GoldED+ and next version was called GoldED+ 1.1.0.

Last stable release is Golded+ Current development version is Golded+ 1.1.5, now in the pre-release state.

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