Golded+ 1.1.5

Submitted by admin on Mon, 07/05/2012 - 22:05

Golded+ 1.1.5 in the development. It is not release, but "pre-release". You may download a latest snapshot of Golded+ 1.1.5 from Sourceforge.

The Download page contain many archve files. Each file named via following schema:
short name:, long name:, where:
gp - abbreviated name "Golded+" (Golded Plus);
XXX - one or three letters, content of the archive;
one letter - content of the archive may be: d = DOS/DPMI, o = OS/2, w = Win32 MinGW build, v = Win32 MS Visual Studio build, c = Config files collection, l = Linux (static binaries) build, m = Manual, FAQ & etc (all documentation), s = Sources (all files)
Y = Last digit of year;
YYYY = Four digits of year;
MM = Two digits of month number;
DD = Two digits of day number of month;
three chars - content of the archive are one of: w32 = Win32 MinGW build, win = Win32 MS Visual Studio build, w32 = Win32 MS Visual Studio build, w64 = Windows 64 bit (AMD64) MinGW build, v64 = Windows 64 bit (AMD64)MS Visual Studio build, os2 = OS/2 build, lnx = Linux (static binaries) build, cfg = Config files collection, man = Manual, FAQ & etc (all documentation), src = Sources (all files);
VVV = version digits without point chars;
.zip - file suffix indicates the ZIP archive,
.tar.bz2 - file suffix indicates the TAR archive compressed by BZIP2.

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